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About the team

The San Francisco Digital Services Team is creating world class digital services. By putting the needs of our residents first and using modern software development practices we are making it easy to for residents, businesses, and visitors to interact with the City and get things done.

We are a new team that is expanding rapidly. We are a group of designers, developers, and product managers who work in multi-disciplinary teams to design public services and develop technology that makes them easy to use. We are passionate about user-centered design and improving public services in San Francisco.

Our team values are:

We have two priorities for the next year: To completely redesign the city’s website from the ground up; and to redesign permitting for the city. No small tasks, these two priorities need a laser focus and determination to make them happen. In the process of achieving these goals, we will be developing technical, design, and content standards that can be shared and adopted widely across the city.

As we grow our team, we are looking for an experienced and senior Design Director to lead the Design team within Digital Services. This is a crucial role which needs an experienced design manager with a passion for better public services.

About the role

As the Design Director, you will have the unprecedented opportunity to shape how the city meets user needs. From overseeing the UX / UI of our digital services, to setting citywide design standards, you will be a huge influence on the adoption of user-centered design across the City.

An excellent communicator, you will demystify design jargon into easy-to-understand terms for our department stakeholders. You will help people embrace new user-centered ways of working, including qualitative research methods, prototyping and testing, and implementing thoughtful, elegant design solutions. You will represent Digital Services to staff at all levels in the City and provide expert input where it is needed in other departments. You will champion San Franciscans’ needs at every opportunity.

Alongside the Chief Digital Services Officer, you will form strong relationships with our peers and partners in departments and align perspectives on best practice and design methods. You will help departments frame problems to solve, support research efforts citywide, and help to break down problems into manageable pieces. You will support prototyping as an approach and help departments explore their options through prototypes.

In addition to your citywide role, you will also be responsible for management and supervision of the Design team within Digital Services, a team of mid- and senior-level designers. You will be their advocate, coach, mentor, and evaluator and will help them grow into a world class team. You will help them standardize their approach and tools, and provide inspiration, leadership, encouragement, and high quality standards. You will help them share their work among the team and in the wider city and help them contribute on multi-disciplinary agile product teams. You will define how the team is structured, staffing needs, resourcing, work planning, and resource allocation. You will monitor how the team is working and make changes and recommendations for changes based on your assessment.

You will help the team eliminate, reduce and automate unnecessary work, so that the team has the capacity to design the products of the future for the City. You will care passionately about inclusion and accessibility from all angles – disability, language, culture, and income level.

As the Design Director, you will be a crucial member of the senior leadership of the Digital Services Team. You will contribute to the life of the team overall, aligning vision, values and goals for the Design team with the rest of the team, making sure communication is constructive, honest and open, and leading by example.

Salary range: $125,736 - $160,446





Minimum Qualifications

Possession of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university; AND at least 5 years of professional experience as a design professional, of which 3 years must include experience supervising other designers (either as a line manager or in a leadership position on a design team)

Desired Qualifications

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